Cultural life

Westkapelle is not only a village with a very turbulent history, it also has a rich amount of cultural organisations in the crafts and arts field. Some of that typical Westkapelle cultural life can be explored in the Polderhuis Museum.

Wasschappelse Heiploeg

For many centuries, enforcing the dikes by driving poles in the ground was done by manual force. The Polderhuis Museum has tried  to keep this handicraft alive by giving demonstrations on special occasions.

This is done by a group of men called the “Wasschappelse Heiploeg” (the Westkapelle pole driving team), which consists of 9 drivers and a captain, all between 30 and 65 years of age, dressed in original Westkapelle dikes men clothes. The captain is at the end of the chain and determines the driving rhythm and speed by means of singing songs. A foreman keeps an eye on the exact position and angle of the pole entering the ground. 

Singing Sessions

Singing is an integral part of Westkapelle culture. The traditional songs were always inspired by farm life, working at sea and love. Those old songs should not disappear. Six times a year, the Polderhuis Museum organises an evening singing session. Accompanied by an experienced singer and an accordion player, the old, almost forgotten songs are sung in a warm and cosy atmosphere. The singing sessions are organised at local shops and businesses. Check the calender for the next sing-along sessions.