Cycling and walking

Westkapelle is situated at the most westward point of Walcheren in the province of Zeeland. The Polderhuis is a good starting point, terminus or stopping place for a nice cycling or walking tour. You can combine such a walking or cycling tour with a visit to one or both of the lighthouses which belong to the resources of Westkapelle. The Polderhuis has a garden at the bottom of the sea dyke as well as a museum café. Enjoy a nice cup of coffee with an ‘apple round’ while the battery of your e-bike is charged at the charging station in the garden.

Walking in Westkapelle and its surrounding area

Take a nice walk along the Westkappelse creek. Walk through the Noordervroon which is a nature area with many birds. Enjoy the view to the sea and the characteristic red roofs of Westkapelle from the robust sea dyke. Or watch the various monuments which belong to the resources of Westkapelle, a number of which are memories to the bombardment of 1944.

Cycling in Westkapelle and its surrounding area

Cycle along the Noorderhoofdweg which provides a magnificent view over the North Sea and to ships sailing very close to the coast. Or go for a cycling tour through the polder and the surrounding villages.

‘Knooppunten’network for walking and cycling

For walking as well as cycling tours ‘knooppunten’ networks have been put out in Walcheren. This is a perfect way to discover the island. The advantage is that you can determine the length of the tour to be cycled by yourself. ‘Knooppunten’planners are for sale at the Polderhuis.
It is also possible to go for walking tours which have already been put out. Walk along the traces of World War II and the Battle of the Scheldt. Several guides are for sale at the Polderhuis:

  • Wandelen in Zeeland op het Bevrijdingspad (€ 10) [Walking on the Liberation path in Zeeland]
  • Walcherse wandelingen (€ 16,95) [Walks in Walcheren]
  • In het spoor van de Slag om de Schelde (€ 23,95) [Traces of the Battle of the Scheldt]

At nice walking and cycling tours in and around Westkapelle can be found. See the page Monumenten in Westkapelle for walking routes.