Henk Chabot and Charley Toorop at Walcheren

1st floor museum

16-04-2022 - The exhibition 'A new spring in 1933' can be viewed on the 1st floor of the museum from 16 April. The exhibition focuses on the friendship between Henk Chabot and Charley Toorop. Wood carvings by Adriaan Jongepier can be admired. Exhibition 'A new spring in 1933' The starting point for the exhibition is an unknown photo of the painting Charley Toorop (1891-1955) in Westkapelle. The photo was taken by the Rotterdam painter Henk Chabot (1894-1949) and found in his photo archive, which is in the possession of the Chabot Museum in Rotterdam. Chabot took this photo in 1933 during his stay in Vrouwenpolder. Charley is working on the painting 'Threshing Machine' and is painting in the Oost-Koestraat. Both the painting and the street were lost during the bombing in 1944. The street has never been rebuilt. Few photos are known of the Oost-Koestraat, so this is a valuable photo for our village. The missing painting hung in hotel De Valk. A photo of the painting has survived from Charley Toorop's album. Friendship between Chabot and Toorop The exhibition focuses on the friendship between Henk Chabot and Charley Toorop. Both artists know and appreciate each other's work, but in 1933 they get to know each other better during their joint stay on Walcheren. Walcheren has played a role in Toorops life for some time. Like Chabot, Charley also went through a major development in those years. From Vrouwenpolder and Westkapelle they regularly visit each other and recognize the same devotion to art in each other. This is how a special friendship was born. Collaboration with the Chabot Museum in Rotterdam The exhibition was created in collaboration with the Chabot Museum in Rotterdam. From May 3, the exhibition 'It will be very good' can be seen in the Chabot Museum. Friendships and connections, with paintings, sculptures and drawings by Henk Chabot.

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