Date: 21-04-2023
Location: Polderhuis Westkapelle

From April 21 to September 16, 2023, the exhibition "HJL moments (my own view of the coast)" can be viewed in the exhibition space of the Polderhuis.

Exposition "HJL Moments"

Hanneke Janse-Lucasse regularly roams along the sea with her photo camera or cycles through the polder in search of beautiful moments to capture. It started with a photo challenge on Facebook, when the photos were still taken with the phone. Then, as she says herself, her 'addiction' started and the first photo camera was purchased.

The ordinary around us, if you take the trouble to think about it, is often very special. You can also get something beautiful out of a gray or rainy day. Come and see the beautiful works in the exhibition space of the Polderhuis and enjoy!

More information

The exhibition is free to visit during opening hours. The works are also for sale, part of the proceeds go to charity.