Lighthouses Westkapelle

There are two lighthouses in Westkapelle that can both be visited. Lighthouse 't Hoge Licht on the Zuidstraat and lighthouse' t Lage Licht on the Zeedijk at the North Sea. Climb all the steps and enjoy the view over the North Sea, the beach and Walcheren.

Panoramic view of the sea, beach and Walcheren

From lighthouse 't Hoge Licht you have a panoramic view of the North Sea, the beach and Walcheren. In clear weather you can see the coastline of Zeeuws-Vlaanderen. Do you also spot the windmills in the North Sea? Lighthouse 't Lage Licht is located on the coast. Experience the proximity of the North Sea and see with your own eyes that Westkapelle is below sea level!

Exhibition in the lighthouses

There are also regular exhibitions in the lighthouses. View the agenda to see which exhibition can be visited.