Westkapelle Lighthouse

Most inhabitants of Westkapelle consider the lighthouse inseparable to the village. Seeing the tower with the steady turning lights always feels like coming home to them. Even for many other inhabitants of Walcheren and for tourists, the lighthouse is the landmark of Westkapelle.

History of the lighthouse

The present day lighthouse was originally the brick tower of a church dedicated to St. Willibrord. In 1907 the spire was removed and replaced by a lantern. As most lighthouses in those days were using coal fires, the Westkapelle lighthouse was fuelled by sperm whale oil, which was very revolutionary at that time. In 1831 the church was destroyed by a fire but fortunately the tower remained mostly undamaged.
Even to this day the lighthouse is fully functioning, every night sending light signals that can be seen for as far as 20 nautical miles (37 kilometres).

The lighthouse Museum

During opening hours the lighthouse can be visited, providing not only spectacular views from the platform, but also offering varied exhibitions on specific subjects and nature, typical for the province of Zeeland. Also one of the rooms inside the tower has been equipped to evoke the daily life of the former tower watchman. How did he live, where did he sleep, what were his tasks? Go in and explore for yourself!