Lighthouse 't Lage Licht

Visit the lighthouse at the sea dyke in Westkapelle and experience the North Sea from a very near distance!

Visit lighthouse 't Lage Licht

The lighthouse ’t Lage Licht at the sea dyke is called Noorderhoofd as well. Or even ‘covergirl’ as it is by far the most photographed object in Westkapelle. The height of the lighthouse is 16 m and it has 4 floors. It is situated at the dyke since 1874 already. Climb the steps, go outside and feel the sea breeze on your cheek. Upon high tide you almost have the feeling of standing in the North Sea! In the lighthouse there are exhibitions organized on a regular basis.

Exhibition in the lighthouse

In the lighthouse there is often an exhibition about Westkapelle or about the nature, the beach and the sea of Walcheren and Zeeland.

More information about the lighthouse

View the opening hours and entrance fees of the lighthouse. In the museum shop a book about the Westkapelle lighthouses is available (€ 5,50).

3D model of the lighthouse

Sven Schröter made a beautiful 3D model of the lighthouse.