Art object Charley Toorop

On the sea dyke close to the Polderhuis is a tengible memory to the frequent stays in Westkapelle of the visual artist Charley Toorop (1891-1955). As of 1924 until her passing away in 1955 she stayed almost every summer in Westkapelle. The village as well as the inhabitants inspired her to painting her most successful works. This way she made Westkapelle and Zeeland well-known in the Netherlands and abroad.
The art object was created by Gijs Assman.

Walking along the art object Charley Toorop

The art object is situated on the dyke close to the Polderhuis. After a visit to the Polderhuis, walk via the Liberty Bridge to the Sherman tank and turn a bit to the left. Then continue the walk across the dyke for a tour along Westkapelle and the creek (about 9,5 km). See for more walking routes.

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