Sherman tank Westkapelle

On top of the sea dyke in Westkapelle a Sherman tank is situated. This Sherman tank is a monument and symbolizes the liberation of Westkapelle from World War II. It provides a nice resting place during a walk along the North Sea.

War monument

Since 1961 the Sherman tank stands on the dyke as a war monument. In november 1944 the tank came ashore at the Battle of the Scheldt during operation Infatuate II. The Sherman tank was a Crab version which means that a minesweeper equipment was built on it. This equipment was removed by the end of the fifties .
The tank is a relevant symbol for the liberation of Westkapelle (Walcheren) and the Battle of the Scheldt. The book ‘Battle of the Scheldt 1944’ demonstrates this import role. The book is available at the museum shop.


The Sherman tank was restored already several times. The last time was in 2020. The Sherman tank was picked up by volunteers of the Liberation Museum Zeeland. After a thorough restoration the Sherman tank was returned to Westkapelle in October 2021. Watch the movies of this mator operation:


Further information

The booklet ‘Tanks on Westkapelle’ is for sale in the museum shop for € 9,99. The history of all tanks (almost) landed on November 1, 1944 is described in the booklet.