The Polderhuis Foundation was established in November 1999 and has since then been very active in the fields of cultural heritage and history preservation. The foundation tries to preserve and stimulate the awareness of the cultural heritage in Westkapelle for the villagers and tourists.
The main seat of the Polderhuis foundation is the Polderhuis Museum. This is a historic building, formerly used by the Official Water Council who was the main employer for dike construction and maintenance at the time. The Dike and War Museum as well as the Museum Cafe and the Museum shop are located in the Polderhuis. It is also the administrative seat of the foundation.

For everyone

We believe that the preservation of cultural heritage is essential, and keeping the younger generations actively involved is of the utmost importance.
However, the Polderhuis foundation is convinced that all activities should be targeting people of every age, background and religion. We are there for everyone, and everyone can get a place in our organisation.


The Polderhuis Foundation is an open and transparent organisation, running mostly on volunteer work, in cooperation with a small number of permanent employees. 

Management Board

The management board of the Polderhuis foundation consists of 5 persons, all volunteer workers. Together they combine their knowledge of cultural life and education, organisation and finances and management skills.

At present the management board is formed by:

  • Jan van Beekhuizen: Chairman
  • Henk Melis: Secretary
  • Peter Huibrechtse: Treasurer
  • Ada van Hoof: General member
  • Henk Kloosterziel: General member