Date: 26-03-2024

The Polderhuis annually commemorates the victims of the invasion of Westkapelle on November 1, 1944. This year marks 80 years since this invasion, which was the start of the liberation of the Netherlands and part of the 'Slag om de Schelde' (Battle of the Scheldt), took place. 

Commemoration of the 'Slag om the Schelde'

This 'Slag om the Schelde' and more specifically the landing/invasion at the tank, deserves to remain anchored in everyone's memory. However, we see that the veterans of that time have passed away. Their children, who came to Westkapelle for years to honor and commemorate their fathers, are now also old. In the coming years it will increasingly be about the third and fourth generations. And as everywhere we see that as distance increases, interest decreases.

Invasion monument

The Polderhuis has taken the initiative to create a group of sculptures in the form of silhouettes of approaching commandos in various positions on the sea wall of Westkapelle. For this we need your support in the form of a donation!

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