The Polderhuis foundation is very pleased with all the advice and efforts of so many dedicated people and volunteers, who keep the organisation going strong. If you are also convinced of the importance of what we do, you can make a financial contribution to the organisation of € 25, thus helping to maintain the Museum and all the activities that we organise. Sponsors have free access to the Museum for a whole year, can buy a Coffee Discount Card at a discounted price and have first priority rights to sign in to new activities, right after our volunteers.

How to become a Sponsor of the Polderhuis

Fill out the contact form on the website, we will send you an invoice with your Sponsorship Card. The Sponsorship Card is strictly personal. An additional partner card can be bought for € 10.

Other means of supporting the Polderhuis foundation

  • Come and visit us regularly, bring new people, tell your friends and relatives
  • Offer entry tickets with Coffee and Cake to your business relations. Enlarge our public reach!
  • Contribute to our organisation with your specific knowledge and abilities.

For more ideas or information, please contact us.