Invasion monument Westkapelle

The Polderhuis annually commemorates the victims of the invasion of Westkapelle on November 1, 1944. This year marks 80 years since this invasion, which was the start of the liberation of the Netherlands and part of the 'Slag om de Schelde' (Battle of the Scheldt), took place.

Slag om de Schelde: 80th anniversary commemoration

This Slag om de Schelde, and more specifically the landing/invasion at the tank, deserves to remain anchored in everyone's memory. However, we see that the veterans of that time have passed away. Their children, who came to Westkapelle for years to honor and commemorate their fathers, are now also old. In the coming years it will increasingly be about the third and fourth generations. And as everywhere we see that as distance increases, interest decreases.

Memorial site at the Polderhuis Museum

The Polderhuis has taken the initiative to create a group of sculptures in the form of silhouettes of approaching commandos in various positions on the sea wall of Westkapelle. Because seven countries were involved in the landing in Westkapelle, we will honor the commandos of those countries involved by having a sculpture made for each country. The sculptures are made of approximately 2 cm thick Corten steel and are anchored to the sea wall along with the other war memorials. We recently posted a mock-up that gives an impression of the intended monument.

Will you help realize the monument?

The Provincial Government, the municipality and the Water Authority have already responded positively. But we would also like to involve others in the creation of the invasion monument. The course of the war was disastrous in Westkapelle. The people it is a memory for are slowly passing away from us. It is important that we keep history alive and pass it on to future generations.

Make a donation

We hope for your support to create this piece of history with a beautiful group of sculptures. Donate directly (Paypal) or transfer a donation to: NL14 RABO 011 496 1875 (mentioning Invasion Monument).