Monument 'De Schoppesteele'

In the dune area near the creek is ‘De Schoppesteele’. This is one of the five memorials to commemorate the bombardments in 1944. The other memorials are in Veere, Ritthem, Middelburg and Flushing. ‘De Schoppesteele’ is a seven metres high metal pilar and represents the handle of a spade. On it is an oval form representing a bomb. In the Battle of the Scheldt the bombs had drilled through the dyke and it was repaired with spades.
The monument was created by artist Rudi van de Wint (1942-2006) and was unveiled on October 4, 1990.

Walking along the monument on the dyke

Many walks in Westkapelle lead along the monument, e.g. this ‘Rondje Westkapelle’ along creek, dyke and lighthouse (about 7 km). See for more walking routes.

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