Monument in memory the Moluccas camp

lose to the lighthouse ’t Lage Licht (Noorderhoofd) is a monument which reminds of the Moluccas camp in Westkapelle. Between 1955 and 1960 Moluccan families that were forced to leave their home country after the independence of Indonesia lived here in barracks . The memory of the awful circumstances in which these families lived at this place is being kept alive by the memorial stone on the dyke.
The sculpture was created by Trinette Ledelay from Middelburg. She used the stone grit of the barracks in the characters on the pedestal.

Walking along the monument in memory of the Moluccas camp

This walk around Westkapelle leads along the sea, through polders and through the wood. Stand still at the various monuments at this route (about 9 km). See for more walking routes.

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