The Kreek in Westkapelle

The Kreek in Westkapelle is a nature monument. The Kreek came into being in 1944 as a result of bombardments during the war. As a consequence of the bombing day by day enormous amounts of water flowed into the hole of the dyke. This way two deep channels were created. In 1945, upon closing the hole, a sand dredger further deepened them in order to build the emergency dyke making use of the obtained sand.
The water in the Kreek is still salt and therefore many salt water fishes, like flounder and eel, happen to live in the Kreek . Also trout has been put out. On the water always cormorants, ducks, geese and other birds can be found. Walking around the Kreek on the footpathes is a very pleasant activity.

Walking along the creek in Westkapelle

There are magnificent walking possibilities along the creek such as this route along the creek, the offshoots of the creek, the sea and Bouewijnskerke (about 9 km) or see for more walking routes.

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